Meet Our Compassionate Veterinarian: Dr Peter Britton

 B.V.Sc(Hons) M.R.C.V.S (Lond)

At the heart of our clinic, there's a veterinary team led by a clinician with over 30 years of experience, a profound understanding of domestic pets, and a passion for their well-being. Peter brings a unique blend of old-school common sense and cutting-edge expertise to patients of all shapes, ages and size.

Surfer's Spirit, Veterinary Heart

Beyond the stethoscope and the white coat, you'll find Dr Pete donning a wetsuit, chasing the waves with the same enthusiasm he brings to his practice. A dedicated surfer since childhood, Peter's connection to the ocean mirrors his commitment to the animals under his care – vast, profound, and unwavering.  

Mastering the Art of Healing

With a career spanning three decades, Peter is not just an experienced vet; he's a master of the art. The application of veterinary medicine, even in today’s world, is still to a large degree, part science, part art. His wealth of accumulated knowledge allows him the experience to recognize and the expertise to treat, the many and varied afflictions that can occur during the life of the animal companions under your care. His research projects have created an extensive network of colleagues across the veterinary and scientific world, both locally and internationally, allows him to offer treatments and guidance in an often complex and confusing field. From the forefront of veterinary medicine to old school personal care and common sense, Peter is at the forefront of innovative solutions, to ensure that your pets receive the best care available in an ever-evolving landscape.

Animals First, Always

His philosophy is simple – animals come first. His genuine love for every creature that walks through the clinic doors is palpable. But it doesn't end there. He understands that the love between pets and their human companions is profound and unique for each animal and their owner. He takes the time to listen, not only to the pet you care for, but also to the concerns and emotions of each human carer. This unique companionship approach forms the foundation of our care, assessment and treatments.


Your Trusted Partner in Pet Care

When you choose Dr. Pete for your pet's care, you're not just choosing a veterinarian; you're selecting a trusted partner on your pet parenting journey. Ensuring every tail wag and every satisfied purr is a testament to the personalized, compassionate care your pets deserve.

Join Us in the Journey of Care and Compassion

Come, be a part of our veterinary family practice at Connells Point Veterinary Surgery, where practical wisdom and experience meets the innovation of modern medicine, and where the well-being of your pets is as important as the bond we share with their devoted owners.